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  • Difference Between Curtains and Drapery

    Posted on January 23, 2014 by in Curtains vs. Drapery


    Although most individuals tend to believe that curtains and draperies are one in the same, the truth is that there are actually many distinct differences between the two. If you are currently in the middle of a redesign project and are interested in switching up your window treatment style, it’s extremely important that you are able to recognize these variations. Ultimately, it could make all the difference when making a purchase that is right for you and the vision that you have for your living space.

    Difference Between Curtains and Drapery | Lucinda's Interiors

    For starters, though curtains and draperies are made to cover windows, curtains tend to be less effective in blocking out light. Typically made from lightweight and often cheaper material, you’ll often find that curtains are unlined, which means that they allow for more light to shine through. Due to their inability to provide quality privacy and retain heat, you’ll notice that curtains are mostly used as decorative pieces in kitchens, second floor bathrooms and other rooms where you would not typically be entertaining guests. If the aforementioned points don’t really concern you, and you are looking for an informal and inexpensive window treatment, than curtains may just be for you.

    Draperies, on the other hand, are much heavier and are most often featured in rooms that are considered to be more formal. Lined in the interior, draperies allow for optimal privacy and though they can be more expensive than curtains, (due to their higher quality) they have been known to save homeowners money when it comes to heating bills. You’ll also find that draperies are much more stylish when compared to curtains because of the fact that there are more patterns and fabrics to choose from, making them ideal for the rooms where you are hoping to entertain guests, such as a living room or dining room.

    Plus with custom designed drapery from Lucinda’s Interiors, you really can’t go wrong!


    (Posted by: Cindy Reed of Lucinda’s Interiors)


    Written by Lucindas

2 Responses so far.

  1. Brittany says:

    Buy drapery? No way! I have never pcharused drapes. I make my own. If you can sew a straight seam, that’s all there is to it. I can get the style and length I want in a wider choice of fabric. I line them so that they have more body and aren’t so transparent. By shopping sales and online wholesale fabric sites, I save a ton of money. I made full length drapes for 3 rooms (a total of 5 windows 3 double and 2 single) in my daughter’s new house. Each room only costs about $80.00 each and most of that cost was in grommets and hardware. It takes about 1-1 1/2 days per window to make a set of drapes. The drapes hang from just below the crown molding to the floor with 8 ceilings. She gets tons of compliments on them.

    • Lucinda Reed says:

      Brittany, You are very fortunate to be able to make your own draperies. And you must be very talented to do so. But, not everyone is able to do this. And for those people, I am here to help. Lucinda’s has a much broader choice of fabrics than you can find in any retail fabric store and better quality fabrics also. Most retail fabric chains sell fabrics that are seconds or are printed on a less expensive ground fabric, making them inferior to the fabrics that most designers sell. All of the draperies sold by Lucinda’s Interiors are Custom Made to fit the customers windows.
      I hope you can continue to make your own draperies. And if the day comes that you cannot do it anymore, please keep Lucinda’s Interiors in mind.