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  • Choosing the Right Kitchen Window Treatments

    Posted on July 18, 2014 by in Custom Window Treatments

    When it comes to decorating certain rooms in your home, such as the living room or the bedrooms, long, dramatic drapery is the norm. However, decorating a kitchen can be a little bit different. Instead of choosing window treatments that command attention and puddle to the floor, you may be more interested in something that’s more subtle – complimenting the room rather than commanding it.

    Choosing the Right Kitchen Window Treatments | Lucinda's InteriorsSo if you’re looking for the best way to dress up your kitchen windows, keep these ideas in the back of your mind:

    Less Is More – As we’ve mentioned, you’re probably not going to want heavy window treatments in a room like the kitchen. Instead, try a simple shade that gives you just enough material to give you the privacy you want, but not enough to where the space feels like it can’t breathe.

    Natural Light – Along the same lines of our last point, since so much life and activity takes place in the kitchen, the room should be able to breathe. That’s why natural light is so important; but how can you get that and privacy at the same time? Consider a pleated shade in white or a lighter color, such as sky blue or pale yellow.

    Texturize – Shades made of rattan, bamboo and other natural fibers are very popular right now – especially for kitchen window treatments. It’s simple things like this that can give your windows a pop of interest when surrounded by major appliances and so forth.

    Embrace the Curves – Most of the time, the kitchen is all about straight lines with its appliances and cabinetry. Mix things up a bit and incorporate some soft curves with custom window valances. Not only will they help to fill up space in some awkward areas, but they will look great while doing so!

    You and your family spend so much time in your kitchen on a day-to-day basis, yet so many people overlook the potential of their kitchen windows. Don’t be one of those people; contact Lucinda’s Interiors today and allow us to help you breathe life into this space!

    (Source: HGTV)

    (Posted by: Cindy Reed of Lucinda’s Interiors)

    Written by Lucindas

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