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  • Fabrics and Color: Their Roles in Window Treatments

    Posted on March 2, 2015 by in Custom Window Treatments, Home Decor

    window treatmentsOne of the most exciting times in our lives is when we move into a new home, our first home or apartment, or redecorate a space in which we’ve been living for a while. Our home is definitely where our heart is, and our decor expresses how we feel about it, the change of the seasons, and changes in our color and fabric preferences.

    Choosing window treatments is like choosing just the perfect pair of glasses for the face. Window treatments are often the first things noticed when we walk into a home, and they tell the story of the home. Plush velvet curtains say that this home is vintage in style, over-the-top, nostalgically luxurious, or maybe fun and kitschy in nature.

    What are the roles of fabric and color in the choosing of window treatments?

    Consider the mood of the room.

    Fabric and color are primary considerations when deciding the mood of your room. Since window treatments can tell the story of a room, choosing modern fabrics that are light and airy, such as linens, gauze, or khakis, speaks to the spring and summer seasons, and invites the light of the natural sun inside. Vivid colors and wild floral offer a spirit of fun, and a more carefree attitude to your space, perfect for those who love celebration and entertaining.

    You can be as creative as you dare when it comes to choosing window treatments that express your style and the style of your home. Think about what you want your family and friends to feel when they walk into a certain space in your home, and pick colors and fabrics that compliment that idea.

    Blend or Contrast?window treatments

    Another way to choose window treatments that make a room stand out, is to decide if you want to use your window treatments to blend with your current decor, or if  you want window treatments that pop. Either choice can beautify a space in a way that gives it personality. Blending your colors, styles, and patterns, create a serene atmosphere in your room, while putting up window treatments that are a contrast to your existing decor, adds spark and pizazz.

    For example, putting up red blinds in a space that is stark black and white, is an amazing look that starts conversations; choosing chic white linen drapes for a room that is filled with color and traditional patterns, says that this is a space of diversity and open for any activity. Blending colors and fabrics can show your savvy for putting the right colors and textures throughout an entire space; while picking fabrics and colors that contrast and stand out from your existing decor, expresses your love for contrast and displays various sides of you, and your family’s personalities.

    Written by Lucindas

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