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  • Are Your Windows Safe For Children?

    Posted on March 16, 2015 by in Child Safe Windows

    child safety window

    When you bring home a new baby, you are already thinking about the things in your home that could be dangerous to them.

    Furniture becomes baby proofed, items are put up higher, and you may even sweep and vacuum more frequently. But have you put thought into your windows coverings?


    Many blinds have cords to pull them up and let in natural sunlight. However these also tend to be the perfect length for toddlers to play with and potentially strangle themselves with.

    There are a couple things you could do to better the situation. You could either hang the cords up higher or you could invest in some Roman Shades that do not have any cords in them.

    Another great option is to eliminate blinds totally (Mini Blinds or Wood Blinds in particular) and go to a shade that has no visible cords.  Some great examples would be a Honeycomb/Cellular Shade with a cordless lift, or a Roller Shade with a soft rise option.  These come with Room Darkening options,, to help your baby sleep, and a wide variety of colors, to stimulate the imagination.

    warningChildren’s Bedrooms

    One thing to keep in mind if you have a little one in a crib is to keep their crib away from the windows. This will keep them out of reach and they will be less tempted to play with it. They also should not be allowed to play or chew on the windowsill. If there is a bin or other pieces of furniture that can be climbed on, make sure it is not near the window.


    Make sure that everything is properly installed and that if the cord is tugged on a little, it won’t come down.  If you’re putting in new windows treatments or updating your old ones, speak with a professional about how to ensure your child’s safety. See if motorized blinds are right for you!

    Written by Lucindas

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