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  • PowerView Pebble Remote

    Posted on November 30, 2015 by in Custom Window Treatments, Motorized Window Treatments, Remote Controlled Shades

    I will demonstrate how to operate the PowerView Pebble™ remote for motorized window treatments, and how to customize room settings so that window treatments can open and close effortlessly and simultaneously throughout your home or a specific room! Additionally, the PowerView Pebble™ remote offers a pre-set option to easily operate up to 6 groupings of window treatments – either individually or simultaneously with the touch of a button.

    Group Numbers

    The PowerView Pebble™ remote has 6 group numbers listed. A single window treatment can be assigned to one group, or all 6 groups depending on your window shade operating preferences; there is no limit to the number of window treatments that can be assigned to a group.


    The “All” button

    This function activates all 6 groups simultaneously. When a specific group is selected, it will light up to confirm the selection; if the light fails to illuminate, it may be required to change the batteries.

    The “Heart” button

    This function acts as a favorite button. It offers to program preset positions to be used at your heart’s content!

    The Stop Button

    This function is used to halt motion of your shade or shades.

    Open and Close Buttons

    These functions will open or close your shade or shades.

    Right and Left Button

    These functions give freedom to traverse the shade right or left. Certain window treatments also offer vane control, which can raise, lower, or tilt vanes.

    How to Operate PowerView Pebble™ for Motorized Window Treatments

    When operating the PowerView Pebble™ pebble remote it can be placed in “program” or “operation” mode; each mode has 3 steps of operation.

    • Step 1: Select the group or groups to operate – choose “All” for all groups.
    • Step 2: Push “Open” or “Close” to move the shade or shades in the desired direction. Use up or down or to traverse to the right or left or to operate the middle rail for top-down/bottom-up operating systems., and the right or left arrow to tilt the vanes to the right or left or to open or close vanes. Note: These buttons may work differently on each window treatment model and may not be available on some window treatments
    • Step 3: Use the Stop button to stop the shade at the position you want.

    Operating Using the Favorite Button

    • Step 1: select the group or groups to operate – choose “All” for all groups.
    • Step 2: push the favorite button and your shade will open or close according to your settings.

    How to Replace the Batteries on the PowerView Pebble™ Remote

    Under the Hunter Douglas® name on the front of the PowerView Pebble™ remote is an indentation to pop out the remote module. With the module out, turn it over to see an “open” and “close” switch; put the switch to “open” and the back cover will come off, exposing the batteries to replace, if needed. When wanting to close the cover, ensure the “open” and “close” switch is in the same location. There will be tabs to fit the cover back in place. Place the remote module back in the PowerView Pebble™ holder, making sure the Hunter Douglas® name is lined up to the indentation. The remote should illuminate and be ready for use.

    If you have questions on how to operate our PowerView Pebble™ remote for your motorized window treatments, call Lucinda’s Interiors – we’ll be happy to assist you!

    Written by Lucindas

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