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  • Contemporary Window Fashions for the Modern Home

    Posted on March 8, 2016 by in Contemporary Window Fashions, Custom Window Treatments

    Do you have a modern home? Does it ever feel like there is something missing to tie your whole space together? If so, it’s time for you to consider contemporary window fashions to liven up your rooms and make your modern décor the best it can be!


    Classic Horizontal Blinds

    Horizontal blinds have been around for quite a long time. While they have evolved and changed vastly since their first appearance in homes, they have truly withstood the test of time in terms of trends. In a modern home nothing would fit better than the clean, sharp lines of a classic horizontal blind.


    Contrasting Vertical Blinds

    By choosing a sheer vertical blind, which is most associated with soft and airy décor, the contrast between the modern furnishings in your home and these blinds will be stunning. Not only will the vertical blinds soften up the ruggedness of the usual modern décor, but they will also provide maximum privacy for your home while allowing natural light to enter the room, even when the blinds are shut.


    Eye-catching Plantation Shutters

    Stream-lined and clean, plantation shutters will give a special flare to any modern room. Rather you choose a dark or light stain or paint shade for your plantation shutters, by matching the vertical columns of you shutters to your window frames, the lines will appear crisp and smooth and accent a modern space perfectly.



    Unique Sheer Roller Shades

    The most classically modern window fixture is the sheer roller shade. Roller shades give your windows a visual steadiness that allows them to merge with the style of the room and window as opposed to being another decoration. While this style of window fixture is beautiful when it blends in with the room, patterned roller shades, which stick out and grab attention, have been on the rise.

    These patterned, but sheer, roller shades bring a touch of whimsy to an otherwise severe look and liven up any space without detracting from the overall feel of the room. Subtle and unique, rather you choose a solid color or a pattern; roller shades will surely fit your needs.


    Complementary Draperies

    Drapery is another important aspect to the décor of a room. Though a modern home can sometimes appear dull from all the similar angles and shapes, draperies can liven up your space and accentuate your window furnishings. By using draperies that are pleated, the straight clean lines usually found in modern homes are broken up; bringing an interesting shape to the room that is appeasing to the eye. Alternatively, adding a pattern to the room with your draperies can also help to liven up the space. By choosing drapery that has a unique pattern, with the same color scheme as your room, the drapery will stand out and catch the eye, without straying too far from the overall theme.

    Let Lucinda’s Interiors, Inc. make the most of your décor! We can help you create a look that you love that ties together modern style with classic, timeless window fixtures and draperies that will look good and be in style for years to come. Call us at (765) 874-1183 and talk to one of our design consultants to get started with a new style today!

    Written by Lucindas

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