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  • 7 Organizational Tricks Inspired By Interior Designers

    Posted on May 27, 2016 by in Home Decor, Home Organization


    Whether you are organizing your home or moving into a new place, customizing your closet will help you stay organized and keep your belongings in better condition. Storage doesn’t have to be an eyesore or boring, and with the right design ideas, it can even add style to your surroundings. Window treatment and interior design specialist Cindy Reed recommends using tips inspired by interior designers to utilize your space in a fashionable, yet functional way. Check out the following ideas on how to achieve a more organized home:


    The first step to organizing your belongings is determining what you really need and what you can live without. Once you do this, you can get rid of any unnecessary items. Next, think about which items you use the most and which items you use less often.  Place items you use often at eye level in easy to reach bins or hooks.  Place items you occasionally use at higher or lower levels. Many people have trouble getting rid of clothes, even if they never wear them.  One idea that helps is to keep your clothes on hangers that are turned backward.  As you use the item, turn the hanger around.  At the end of the season, any clothes still on backwards hangers can be donated.  If you need more help on organizing and de-cluttering you’re home, Cindy can suggest other tricks and tips to get you started.

    Hook It

    If you’re tired of your coats, hats, or keys being thrown about or misplaced, it’s time to invest in hooks for your home. Hooks are a perfect way to easily organize your belongings in a less conspicuous way.  Not only are hooks a wonderful option for placing your items at an arm’s reach, they are also great if you don’t want to add furniture or totes for storage that will take up floor space. Hooks are ideal for entryways and kitchen areas where you’re quickly looking to find items for daily use, like cooking utensils, keys, or coats, and with a little color, hooks can become part of the accent décor in your home.   Hooks can also be incorporated into your custom closets to keep scarves and other items in the open where you can choose the right one more easily without having to rummage through drawers.

    Decorative Storage

    One of the best ways to store items decoratively is finding furniture that plays the part of both useful and ornamental at the same time. For example, using wicker baskets with lids, ottomans with storage compartments, or antique but stylish trunks.  These furniture pieces not only look nice, but they serve a purpose that helps your home look less cluttered.  Many of these storage items look lovely and add a beautiful touch to your décor.


    Shelves are the oldest trick for organizing your home, offering storage and a place to display items of importance. Shelves are a great go-to method for storing just about anything and in any room, from closets, to kitchens, and even living areas and bedrooms. They can serve as extra storage for clothing, cooking utensils, books, or as a way to display pictures or vases that add flair to your room. Make sure if you’re using items from a shelf on a daily basis, to mount it low enough on a wall for easy access.   Custom closets often incorporate shelving for the top of the closet and also to organize items in bins or baskets making the best use of your existing space.

    Make It Fun

    For kids, and sometimes even adults, organizing is a word that brings to mind a mundane activity that we all dread. But there are ways to make cleaning your home, and keeping it that way, fun. If you’re attempting to get your children to organize on their own, try to make it an interesting and exciting task. Come up with a game or a playful idea for putting away toys. Be sure to personalize their space by choosing colors they enjoy or even monogramming names or initials for storage baskets or other storage items like shelves. Hang hooks or shelves within their reach and make any floor storage unit easy to lift or drag so your children can use these items easily.

    Bowls and Trays

    Fruit bowls in the kitchen are a classic way to store items.  A colorful bowl of fruit not only looks charming on the table or counter but it also frees up space in your refrigerator.  Placing a decorative bowl or tray on your kitchen counter or near an entryway can help you stay organized and becomes a catchall for keys, sunglasses, mail and other items.  If you don’t like the look of a cluttered bowl or tray, they can easily be hidden in a drawer or cabinet.

    Less Is More

    Go with the idea that less is more, and be sure to minimize your belongings. If adding shelves or more furniture will take away from space already available, then simply do not try to force these ideas. Sometimes replacing existing furniture with items better suited for storing helps.  Cindy Reed with Lucinda’s Interiors can assist you in choosing the best organizational method for your home.  Her skills for organizing and designing custom closets in Lynn Indiana and surrounding areas will turn your home closets into beautiful works of art, bringing new life to the most   mundane storage spaces. Contact her today for a design consultation. Lucinda’s Interiors proudly serves the following areas in Indiana & Ohio: Richmond, Union City, New Castle, Muncie, Winchester, Lynn, Greenville, New Paris, Eaton, Mooreland, Centerville, Hagerstown, Cambridge City, Fountain City, Liberty & surrounding areas.

    Written by Lucindas

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