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  • Trending This Summer: PowerView™ Motorized Shades

    Posted on June 22, 2016 by in Motorized Window Treatments

    powerviewThe latest window treatment trend is here! PowerViewTM Motorized Shades from Hunter Douglas are becoming very popular this summer because of all of the fantastic benefits.  Automatic window treatments will revolutionize your life – your days of manually opening and closing window shades are over.  There are many benefits and perks of owning motorized shades, but these are a few of the top reasons you should upgrade your window treatments today!

    • An obvious benefit of motorized shades is the added convenience associated with operating your shades. Gone are the days of struggling to open and close your shades to the exact position that you want.  With motorized shades, window shade operation is as easy as pressing a button on a remote or smartphone and tablet application.   You can precisely control the amount that your blinds open or close from the comfort of your couch or even while you are away from your home through the app.
    • In addition to added convenience, motorized blinds also increase your available placement options. Using the remote or app, you can open and close even the tallest or biggest window shades.  You could also add motorized blinds to hard-to-reach skylights and not have to worry about operating them!
    • The programmability of the motorized shades might be one of the most beneficial features. Using the remote or app, the motorized shades can be programed to open and close on a specific schedule, which ultimately increases home security because it gives the illusion that someone is home.  If needed, the shades can be set to a random opening and closing pattern to give a lived-in appearance, too.  Additionally, you can program the motorized shades to open and close with the sunrise and sunset.  You can finally peacefully wake up to natural sunlight streaming in your window instead of an annoying alarm clock!
    • Motorized shades improve the energy efficiency of your home because they can be programmed to block sunlight to increase or decrease the heat buildup in your home, which in turn, reduces the stress on your air conditioner or furnace. If programmed, the motorized shades would automatically close on sunny summer days to block extra heat, and open on sunny winter days to absorb extra heat.
    • Since motorized blinds are controlled entirely through a remote or app, there is no need for unsightly, tangled cords. With the cordless design, the design of your window shades is completely unobstructed, allowing the true beauty to shine through!  The cordless design also improves safety for homes with children or pets.
    • When manual operation is removed from the window shade equation, the control mechanism experiences a significant reduction in wear and tear. The automatic control system will run smoothly and effectively without manual interference, thus reducing the need for repairs or replacement parts.   As an added bonus, motorized shades also reduce fading of your furniture and floors.  If programmed to automatically close in bright light, the motorized shades can block out harmful UV rays that damage furniture and flooring.


    With all of the great benefits associated with motorized blinds, there’s no reason to hesitate buying them for your home!  Cindy Reed at Lucinda’s Interiors has the expertise as a window treatment and interior design specialist to help you decide the perfect motorized shades to fit into your home’s needs and style.  Lucinda’s Interiors has years of experience making ordinary rooms extraordinary. Stop by or call us today to learn how Cindy Reed and our team can help you! Cindy proudly serves the following cities in Indiana & Ohio: Richmond, Union City, New Castle, Muncie, Winchester, Lynn, Greenville, New Paris, Eaton, Mooreland, Centerville, Hagerstown, Cambridge City, Fountain City, Anderson, Liberty & surrounding areas.

    Written by Lucindas

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