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  • Blackout Shades: Elegantly Controlling Light

    Posted on September 15, 2016 by in Blackout Shades

    lucindas-blackout-shades-1Originally used in Northern Europe during WWII to hide the fact that a home was occupied to avoid nighttime bombings, blackout curtains were the picture of function over form. Today’s blackout options have come a long way from the lengths of long black fabric of blackout curtains and fortunately serve a less dangerous purpose.

    Types of Blackout Shades

    Roller shades – Probably the most basic of blackout options, roller shades in opaque materials are very effective at blocking out natural light, allowing you or your little one to sleep comfortably during the day or watch movies in a darkened room. They are available in numerous colors and patterns and can be ordered with upgraded headrails and bottom treatments to give them a designer look.

    Roman shades – Roman shades in a dark, heavier fabric make perfect blackout shades. They are made from a solid piece of fabric that covers the window almost completely and do not have any holes for cords because the cords run through rings stitched into the shade. When purchasing your shades, ask your window treatment and interior design specialist, like Cindy Reed at Lucinda’s Interiors, to show you fabrics that have a 4 or 5 rating for the best darkening results.

    Blackout liners for shades – If you prefer a lighter color fabric for your shades but want them to darken the room when they are closed, a blackout liner can be sewn directly to the back of the lighter fabric. These liners also work well with woven wood shades that generally let in quite a bit of light.

    Duolite™Duolite gives you the best of both worlds. A blackout shade is combined with your decorative shade, but they operate independently. When you want a darkened room, lower the blackout shade behind the decorative shade; when you want to let the light in, retract the blackout shade and it stays hidden behind the headrail. Duolite is available on Applause® and Duette® honeycomb shades, pleated shades, and Silouette® shadings.

    Other Blackout Options

    Blinds with de-Light option – Blinds are fairly effective when it comes to darkening a room, but if the cords run through the slats, light can penetrate through the holes. With de-Light by Hunter Douglas, the holes are hidden, eliminating this light source. The de-Light option is available on hardwood, faux wood, and aluminum horizontal blinds.

    Multi-layered honeycomb shades – The cellular construction of honeycomb shades provides energy efficiency and allows for multiple layers to be added to each cell. Using a room darkening material for one of the inner liners makes your honeycomb shade a room-darkening shade without looking like one.

    With today’s room darkening options from Hunter Douglas, you don’t need to choose between style and light control. If you have a room that you would like to be able to darken in your Indiana home, please contact Cindy Reed to schedule an in-home consultation, or visit her showroom. Lucinda’s Interiors, making ordinary rooms extraordinary with blackout shades in East Central Indiana and the surrounding areas.

    Written by Lucindas

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