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Specialty Shaped windows with Tableaux Grills

Specialty Shaped windows with Tableaux Grills

Motorized window shadings

Motorized blinds and draperies were thought of as an indulgence available only to the elite several years ago. But today’s hardware, technology and pricing have made this onetime luxury easily available to the general public.

Motorized blinds, shades and draperies offer many benefits for many people. Parents with young children, the elderly and even just the average person will benefit from having motorized window coverings, which eliminate the need to fuss with wands or cords. If you suffer from mobility or dexterity issues, or are just tired of dealing with tangled cords, this investment can help your window coverings function flawlessly.

Neutrals still rule

Whites, off-whites and other neutral window coverings almost always work best, we don’t sit or walk on them, so they don’t wear out. Your stair carpet can be in tatters but your natural linen-colored shades look like new, and they’re both 20 years old.

Neutrals are timeless, too. You might change up your paint, furniture, lighting, and fabrics, but will still want safer neutral tones for the windows, to weather your decorating whims. But safer neutrals doesn’t have to mean boring. Roman shades and pleated shades come in a wide variety of fabrics and subtly different color tones.

Woven Woods are all the rage

The ’70s and ’80s are back. Understated natural or synthetic wovens give character, ambiance, and texture to flat walls. Look for trendy woven styles made from materials like bamboo and grass weave. They’ll create a fresh look for modern dining areas or sun rooms.

Aluminum blinds add retro glamour

Calling all “Mad Men” fans — ’50s and ’60s styles are cool again in home design. Think Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in 1950s movies like ‘Pat and Mike,’ when those wonderful office buildings had wide metal blinds. They work best in a 2″ slat width with wide tapes — and are also less likely than metal mini blinds to bend out of shape when dusted. Metal looks striking in a home office, library, or game room, to add polish and a sophisticated edge. Bonus: Metal blinds are easy to clean with a Swiffer.

Plantation shutters are a style investment

They’re worth every cent, and look classic (Thomas Jefferson was a fan.) Southern shutters have come a long way. They’re a great choice because they add elegance to your home. These are just as inviting at an island retreat as in pure white at your kitchen window.

The best wood ones are almost like finely crafted furniture, with a custom fit, and have smart levers (or wands) instead of dangling cords for adjusting the louvers.

Why Work with a Window Covering Professional?

Have you ever felt stymied during the decorating process? Have you ever had that blank look on your face when you are trying to decide how to dress your windows? All this can be avoided if you work with a Window Fashion Certified Professional. Miscalculations and costly design mistakes can be prevented by tapping into the expertise of a WFCP professional.

Shaped Top Treatment with accent buttons

Shaped Top Treatment with accent buttons

As a WFCP Professional I can:
• Develop an overall master plan for custom window treatments that is integrated into your decorating plans.
• Prevent costly mistakes by helping you choose appropriate fabrics and styles for your windows.
• Tap you into our proven resources such as quality workrooms and certified installers.
• Give you the best value for your money. I know where to find what you are looking for and can take advantage of discounts not available to you.
• Save you time and energy. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to effectively do custom window fashions. I take care of all the details from selecting, specifying and installing your custom window fashions.
• As a WFCP Pro, I have the expertise and experience to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.


Why Talk to a Pro?

Shaped Valance with Wood Blinds & Custom Pillow

Shaped Valance with Wood Blinds & Custom Pillow

Lucinda’s Interiors is a shop at home service for window treatments and soft furnishings.

Lucinda’s Interiors is dedicated to creating innovative and unique window treatments by understanding your needs, giving sound advice and offering exceptional quality and service.  As professionals we:

  • Develop overall theme for your custom window treatments as part of your decorating plan.
  • Prevent costly mistakes by helping you choose appropriate fabrics, products, and styles.
  • Meet the challenge of today’s specialty windows head on by providing the best solutions for your lifestyle.
  • Tap our proven resources such as quality workrooms and bonded installers.
  • Give you the best value for your money. We know where to find what you want.
  • Give you confidence to enhance and expand your taste and make inspired decisions.
  • Save you time and energy. – Don’t underestimate the time it takes to do custom window treatments effectively. We take care of all the details from selecting, purchasing to installing your treatments. We have the experience to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

How to Choose a Designer

Set Goals
Know up front which rooms and windows you want to do. Think about how the room will be used, and how you live. No designer can give you what you want if you don’t know.

Get Referrals
Ask friends, relatives and acquaintances who they used for their custom needs. .Find out if they were pleased with the results.

Pre Planning

Before you start you need to do your homework to help make the project a pleasant experience. Be honest with yourself and trust your instincts. Here are some things to think about:

Set a Budget – browse to get a feel for how much fabrics, hardware and styles can cost to determine how much you can spend. Lucinda’s Interiors offers options to help.

Set Priorities – which windows in what rooms are the most important to dress? Consider working in stages. Do the rooms you live in first.

Lifestyle – Ask yourself how do you live? Determine some lifestyle likes and dislikes. Are you a perfectionist? Do you have kids? Do you entertain? What do you want from your custom window treatment? Sun Control? Privacy? View? What are your favorite colors? Answers to all these questions will help you create a focused plan for your purchase.

Clip Inspiration – As you are looking through magazines, Internet, books clip photos for inspiration and a way to communicate visually with your Window Fashions Pro. Too many choices and you like everything? Clip out things you DON’T like. This can be a powerful starting point. Make sure you share your desires with your pro.

Initial Meeting

This is usually done by phone and we will spend time getting to know you and educating you to the process and who we are and what we do. This is where we will first discuss budget, your likes and dislikes and expectations. We’ll set an appointment for a consultation and make you aware that we might send out some materials for your review.

Initial Consultation

The consultation will probably take a couple of hours as we will make a good start toward designing custom products that meet your needs and expectations. We’ll review your windows and rooms. Discuss your priorities, taste and options. This is where we will play devil’s advocate and might try to expand your horizons and entice you with new possibilities. We will begin to develop a color scheme, design, narrow fabric choices and take measurements and photos.


We’ll take all we’ve learned and come back to you with several options and choices in fabrics, materials, design and reasons why it’ll work for you!

Project Management

Once you have signed the contract for your new custom treatments, we’ll begin to implement the project. We’ll take care of everything from calculating, specifying, ordering and checking on progress with all our team members involved in producing a successful project.


We will contact you prior to installation to set up a date at your convenience and share anything that might be required on your part before we can install. Our bonded and insured installer will come in and do the complete job. You’ll just be wowed!
If at any time you have questions, please email us. We are always willing to answer.


There is no simple answer. There are so many variables involved, so be clear from the beginning on your budget. If you have done custom window treatments before you will have some idea of the price range. If not, be prepared for sticker shock. But remember these two things:

Consider it an INVESTMENT- the life of a custom window treatment is about 12- 15 years. Divide that into the total price and it becomes a value.

Do you have a home, business, or office that is in need of a remodel – or perhaps you are starting from scratch and need an interior design plan? Have you considered using a professional Interior Designer? If not, what’s holding you back?

Would you be surprised to learn that when you hire a certified Interior Designer, you are actually making an investment that will pay you back ten-fold?  Those that have hired a designer – know exactly that.

  1. An Investment in Time: Life is busy. Whether you work outside the home or not, life is going on all around you and your time is worth money. How much time would it take you to complete your project? Three days? Thirteen days? Three months? With an interior designer, they will complete the project before you would even get started.
  2. Invest in Energy: Do you know what makes your home Energy Efficient? An Interior Designer does. Think of the money you will save in utilities alone when you seek the help of a professional designer.
  3. Knowledge Is Power: What happens when you run into a problem? You will probably reach for the yellow pages looking for subcontractors. More often than not, an interior designer will take on all those responsibilities for you. They know who to call, and they know what to do when they run into an electrical problem, a crack in the wall, or any other “uh-oh’s” that are discovered when a designing project is tackled.
  4. Creative & Focused: An experienced interior designer can save time, money, and provide the form, function, and aesthetic beauty you desire. Armed, educated, and certified to help with colors, lighting, space planning, and project management (just to name a few), interior designers work to create the optimal design for their clients. They are smart and detail oriented. Their invaluable knowledge of products and technical specifications will ultimately help clients when it’s time to make decisions about purchasing and construction.
  5. Do It Right From the Start: How many cans of paint do you have in your garage? How many rolls of wallpaper have you purchased trying to get it just right? Flooring? Furniture? Accessories? How much money are you willing to waste trying to achieve your desired interior design? When you call an interior designer, they will take out all the guesswork and get it right from start to finish without costly mistakes. Have it done right the first time.
  6. Investment in your Home: Do you think your home will sell quicker if you decorated it yourself, or if you hired an interior designer to do the job Home Staging or making updates to floor plans to create more livable space is a huge win-win for everyone. Everyday a house sits on the market is another day of incurring costs.
  7. Investment in your Family: Building, designing, decorating all take a toll on your family. It’s not a myth that many divorces arise during these stages of transition. Having an interior designer on board will save you and your family stress and grief. That is priceless.

Don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish. Hiring an Interior Designer will reward you throughout the years. When you are ready to make the best decision in your designing plan, call us to see how we can help.

Often custom work can be less expensive than ready made items from high end stores, especially if you make mistakes that need to be corrected.

Custom Bedding, Custom Draperies

Evelyn’s Master Bedroom
(The remote is for the Kitchen Skylight)

“Thank you so much – I love all the drapes, etc. and I have my own remote.
Evelyn, Centerville, IN

 Geometric shapes can add movement and energy to your rooms

Think outside the box for a refreshing change of decor.
When most of us purchase home elements, we tend to focus on square and rectangular shapes and surfaces. Yet consider some of the most ancient decorating styles used by the Greeks, Romans and other cultures; they include lots more than just squares and rectangles! Try thinking out of the box for more interest and excitement in your decorating style.
Triangles, hexagons, trapezoids, parallelograms. Who even remembers what some of these shapes are? Maybe now’s the time for a refresher course in high school geometry to spice up your home décor. And don’t forget to add diamonds, chevrons, zig zags and stars to the equation.
Add geometric shapes and patterns to your décor with these home elements:
• Table tops and table bases
• Tile and wood flooring
• Rugs and carpeting
• Wallcoverings and draperies
• Upholstery fabric
• Bed and table linens
• Throw pillows
• Dishware
• Mirrors
• Inlays on wood furniture
• Light fixtures
• Painted wall stencils
• And even the architectural elements of your home, such as door panels, window panes and brickwork patterns.
Beware of too much geometry; a little goes a long way at perking up a room. Too much can become chaotic. Geometric patterns can look modern, retro or thoroughly traditional, depending on their style, color and design. And they can range from the superwix subtle to ultra-bold in look.
Add geometric shapes to your interior design plan. It’s an angle that works!

Thibaut Wallpaper

Anna French Wallcovering

We’ve seen a great demand for big, bold colors, a need for durability and lasting charm, and a willingness to experiment with texture.

It’s time to check out Wallpaper again.


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